WMRC Rules & Regulations

(1) WMRC cannot allow access to its facilities until an annual WMRC User Application has been approved by WMRC Staff and copies of all necessary permits (e.g., animal use or US. Forest Service permits) have been secured.

(2) All users MUST sign a UC Risk Management Liability Waiver before using facilities.

(3) Smoking is prohibited in all WMRC facilities, as is the use of smokeless tobacco products, and the use of unregulated nicotine products (e.g., “e-cigarettes”). UC policy dictates that tobacco use is not permitted on any property owned or leased by the University, including any portions of such property that may have been previously designated smoking areas. This includes indoor and outdoor spaces. The sale or advertising of tobacco products is also prohibited.

(4) Groups and individual researchers are required to participate in housekeeping chores. Leaders of each group should organize a schedule for their groups to help with kitchen clean-up. Please see the cook for details. At the time of departure, group leaders and individuals should ask a WMRC staff member to inspect their living quarters and bathrooms for cleanliness. Users who do not comply with this policy will be charged $25/hour to cover staff time.

(5) All visitors or users are asked to check in with the Owens Valley Station, either by telephone (760-873-4344) or in person (3000 East Line Street, Bishop) within 24 hours or less of traveling to any WMRC facilities in the mountains. PLEASE CALL IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE.

(6) Pets cannot be accommodated at WMRC, but there are options for boarding pets in Bishop. Staff may request special permission to have their pets on Station grounds.

(7) Firearms are not allowed at any of the WMRC facilities. State law forbids firearms on property of the University of California. Exceptions related to research activities may be made by special written permission of the Station Director. This prohibition applies to all faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

(8) WMRC has very limited accommodations for long-term users accompanied by family. We cannot guarantee privacy to individuals or couples, and may not be able to accommodate children because most of our lodging is in dormitories. Children must be fully supervised by their parents or guardians whenever they are at the station.

9) A telephone (760-873-9894) located in the Main Dining Room is available for incoming and outgoing personal calls. Local calls are free but you must have a calling card or credit card for long distance calls. The office phone is not to be used for messages except on an emergency basis.

(10) Reprints and brief abstracts of all work arising from use of WMRC facilities should be sent to: System Administrator, White Mountain Research Center, University of California, 3000 East Line St., Bishop, California 93514 (skypilots@ucla.edu).