Annual Reports

Each year the director prepares an Annual Report for the WMRC. At present this report is submitted to the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA and to the UC Natural Reserve System. The report documents recent achievements, scholarly research, instructional activities, station use and finance (see graphs below). The most recent report for 2012-13 is now available.

We maintain a master list of classes and research projects, from 1950 to 2009, based for the early years on Nello Pace's summary document 25 years of High Altitude Research. We also document work from 1985-2000 in our WMRS 15-year Review. Below is a table showing the annual reports available since 1950.

Station Use and Income since 1990

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The figure above illustrates funding for WMRS operations (yellow and pink lines), research programs (blue line) and total station use (black line) since 1990. In the late 1990’s, our mandate was to enhance the academic environment at the Station so we recruited research scientists who ran grants through WMRS, which increased extramural funding. WMRS also ran its own educational programs, which further increased use and recharge income. Following the 15-Year Review and 25-30% cumulative budget cuts starting in 2002, our priority changed to sustaining the facilities for recharge use by campus-based programs. This explains the dip in extramural income to WMRS, which has actually been sustained at a fairly high level by virtue of winning some new grants for facility improvements (NOTE-extramural in this figure only includes funding to WMRS programs and not funding for campus-based research). Use of the station also dipped with the initial budget cuts in 2001 and appears to be more volatile now as other programs are experiencing various budget limitations. Note the continued reliance of the station on recharge income (yellow line) for approximately 1/3 of the operating budget.

Scholarly publications count since 1950

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Publications Graph

Publications based on research done at a field station are a traditional measure of research productivity. The WMRS bibliography, newly revised in 2010, includes about 2000 publications, approximately half of which are peer-reviewed journal articles. Since 1996, when the unit moved to UCSD, 761 new publications have been added to the WMRS bibliography, including 33 Masters or Doctoral theses and 472 journal articles. The annual average is over 50 publications per year in the "modern era" starting in 1985. Actual counts for each year may be found in the excel spreadsheet "publication counts.xls". It typically takes several years to capture all of the publications for a given year so the post-2005 trend is not representative of decreased scholarly productivity at WMRS. The WMRS publications database is available on-line . Please note that we did not include publications that have only a loose affiliation with WMRS. For example, the UC Irvine atmospheric chemistry group collects several hundred gallons of liquid air at Crooked Creek very year, for use in standardized measurements of air composition around the world. This standard has contributed to over 150 publications which we have not included in the WMRS publications database.

List of available annual reports since 1950

Since WMRS was founded in 1950, there has been a changing format for annual reporting. The list below shows years for which we have copies of annual reports. Note the switch from fiscal to calendar year in 1996. The "RAMS report" refers to the automated summary provided by the Reservations Administration System (RAMS - administered by the UC Natural Reserve System) which we use to keep track of reservations and station use. As of 2009, the list below refers only to materials located in the archives at WMRS. There are additonal archives in the WMRS special collection at the UCSD library which may yield materials from the early years.

Year Document Year Document
1948-49   1985-86 printed document
1949-50   1986-87 printed document
1950-51   1987-88 printed document
1951-52   1988-89 printed document
1952-53   1989-90 printed and bound document
1953-54   1990-91 printed and bound document
1955-56   1991-92 data included in 1992-93 document
1956-57   1992-93 printed and bound document; appl. files
1957-58   1993-94 printed and bound document; appl. files
1958-59   1994-95 printed and bound document;appl. files
1959-60   1996 "MRU report" format printed; appl. files
1960-61   1997 "MRU report" format printed; appl. files
1961-62   1998 "MRU report" format printed, MS-word & pdf
1962-63   1999 "MRU report" format printed, MS-word & pdf
1963-64   2000 "MRU report" format printed, MS-word & pdf
1964-65   2001 "MRU report" format MS-word doc & pdf
1965-66   2002 "MRU report" format MS-word doc & pdf
1966-67   2003 MS-powerpoint presentation
1967-68   2003-04 RAMS report; incomplete
1968-69   2004 MS-powerpoint presentation
1969-70   2004-05 RAMS report; incomplete
1970-71   2005 MS-powerpoint presentation
1971-72 typed MS 2005-06 RAMS report
1972-73   2006 MS-word doc
1973-74 typed MS 2006-07 RAMS report
1974-75 typed MS 2007 draft form only
1975-76 typed MS 2007-08 RAMS report
1976-77 typed MS 2008 no report
1977-78   2008-09 RAMS report
1978-79 typed MS 2009 in preparation
1979-80   2009-10  
1980-81 typed MS 2010  
1981-82 printed document 2010-2011  
1982-83 printed document 2011  
1983-84 printed document 2011-2012  
1984-85 printed document 2012