Summit Hut

Open by special arrangement only from about mid-June to mid-October (weather and snow permitting). The summit hut, 8 km (5 miles) north of Barcroft Station, was constructed in 1955 on White Mountain Peak at 4342 m (14,242’). This two-room stone building provides living quarters for up to 4 people and laboratory space for the study of high-altitude physiology, astronomy, and cosmic radiation. The summit hut is supplied from Barcroft station, about a 30-45 minute drive away. Vehicular access is by permission only and 4x4 with high clearance is essential. A snowfield usually blocks the final switchbacks just below the summit lab.

Summit Lab
Summit Hut, seen here from the south, is oriented east-west, 5 m wide, 9 m long. A dividing wall separates two interior rooms. The mast to the left supports weather instruments and an antenna for internet communications from Owens Valley Station. The mast to the right supports another antenna that communicates with Barcroft and Crooked Creek. The roof has two 100 watt photovoltaic panels to recharge the batteries for power communications and weather systems.
The east room contains bunk beds, a table and a propane-powered stove. The hut is wired for electricity powered by a portable gasoline generator. Windows are tightly shuttered and doors are sealed to discourage drifting snow. Built in 1955, the summit hut has withstood extreme conditions (wind, lightning, and cold) for over a half-century.
Two 100 watt solar photovoltaic panels power the internet connection and weather station instruments. (5-10-04).