Change in Operations Manager at White Mountain Research Center

July 1st brings a major changing of the guard at the White Mountain Research Center.

After seven years of dedicated and beneficial service, Jeremiah Eanes is leaving his post as WMRC Operations Manager and taking a new position at the UC Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve as Assistant Reserve Manager. He will be charged with maintaining and managing the facilities, and lands at SNARL and Valentine Reserve and facilitate and support research and education in the Eastern Sierra. The move brings Jeremiah closer to where his family lives and provides him new perspectives and opportunities to grow professionally.

Reflecting upon his time at WMRC Jeremiah says “The last 7 years at WMRC provided me an opportunity to combine my interest, work experience, education and love for mountains and wilderness, into one job. It has been fascinating and rewarding to work with all the talented and dedicated researchers, staff and students that have passed through WMRC. It has been a pleasure and I have truly appreciated the opportunity.” All of us who have worked with Jeremiah or benefitted from his hard work, thoughtfulness and open-style will miss him at WMRC. We thank him for all he has done and wish him the very best!

I am very pleased to announce that current Station Steward, Steven DeVanzo, has accepted the position of WMRC Operations Manager effective July 1, 2020. Steven was selected for the position after an open and nation-wide search. He has some seven years of experience at WMRC, and worked a wide range of jobs at the facilities. Not only does Steven bring an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience, but also contributes a forward-looking and thoughtful ‘can do’ attitude to the myriad decisions and tasks faced by the Operations Manager.

Steven is excited about the new opportunities and challenges ahead and says “Over the past seven years I have had the pleasure of occupying multiple positions at WMRC. All not without challenge, but all doubly rewarding. I am excited to continue this streak by accepting the position of Operations Manager of White Mountain Research Center. It has brought me much joy over the years to work with such exceptional people as those associated with WMRC. Together, we will make it through these difficult times and steer WMRC on the continual path of Service and Research.“

Please join me in a heartfelt round of thanks to Jeremiah Eanes for his many contributions to WMRC, and a warm welcome to Steven DeVanzo in his new role as WMRC Operations Manager. Steven may be contacted at

Glen MacDonald
Director, UC WMRC