Sonie Smiley's Cartoon page (from around 2000)



 On the 4th of July, 2001, the family went down to the beach to watch fireworks. "MAMA" said Cindy, "Lemon's going to turn me into a toad." Lemon was wearing an expression of glee. He told Cindy his sparkler was a magic wand.

Sonie is in 4-H and has a rooster named Leroy, 4 hens named Cottontop, Henrietta, , Sally, Helen, and 7 chicks: Lemon, Pepper, Alice, Sam, Rhonda, Uncle Ben and Cindy. Recently they went swimming at Big Creek, took an eventful trip to the beach and went to the Grand Canyon. Here is what happened...

At Big Creek: "We want our towels back, Leroy! WAKE UP!!!" "You gave Sam a towel," said Henrietta . Sam was shivering in a towel next to the creek. "YOW!!!" yelled Helen, "I just stubbed my toe!" "Everybody's cold," said Alice. "It's too cold," shivered Helen. "Let's go to another beach." Uncle Ben is watching fish with his goggles on and couldn't hear what was going on.
 "Cockadidledoo" sang Leroy, his eyes shut and his wings folded, and they were headed straight for a tree. Everybody panicked, they flew everywhere, a chick hit his head and made a dent. Everybody staggered out of the van and glared at Leroy. "Woops" said Leroy.
 "Not the watermelon!!!.I want the beach ball," said Cottontop. "MOM! Pepper's splashing me!," said Cindy.


 This is the duck family at the swimming pool. The one with the tube is a mom. The other mom is by the umbrella.her 2 babies are by the umbrella with a drink. The pot-belly lifeguard is watching. The geeky one with the cap is the lifeguard's duckling. The other 3 belong to the mom in the tube. (Jenna's description - Sonie drew what Jenna said.)


 Jenna's cartoon: The "tomatoes" and "pacmen" are really lily pads. The iguana, mouse, and froggy are who they are, named Medallion, Randy, and Francine.