White Mountain Energy Project (WMEP)

This page will serve as a links page for the individual components of the WMEP monitoring and controls system, due to be installed in 2009. This will be replaced in 2010 with a live "labview" interface combining all the monitoring and controls functions.

UCI Engineering student Josh Eichmann (L) and UCI Engineering PhD Patrick Couch examine compact RIO monitoring and control device in Energy Lab at Barcroft. This device runs labview software and wll bring the different elements of the system into a single monitoring and control program. Connected to the internet, it will also allow remote monitoirng and control. (Click on photo to enlarge).

Main electric power consumption meter monitors instantaneous power usage and power quality for the entire station including all outbuildings. The only thing not included are DC powered equipment (e.g. some communications equipment and the 80-watt battery heater) which use about 100 watts total, and the load diversion outlets programmed by the Outback inverters to dump excess electricity when a threshold voltage is exceeded. These DC watts are accounted for by the Outback DC flexnet monitoring system which is not yet available on-line. Look for the "kVA total" reading to see the total AC power consumption for the station at any given time. Meter seems to have failed in early November 2009

Interested in calculating carbon offsets or otherwise understanding the cost/benefits of WMEP? See the WMRC carbon offsets page.