Fifth Annual White Mountain Butterfly Count and Insect Survey, 2009

The fifth annual "4th of July" White Mountain Butterfly Count and Insect Survey was held on Tuesday July 21, 2009. We met at Crooked Creek at 7:30 am on that day. Contact John Smiley at WMRS if you want to participate in next years' count, July 20, 2010.

2009 counters:
John Smiley, Derham Giuliani, Stuart Weiss, Jeff Holmquist Jutta Schimdt-Gengenbach, Daniel Pritchett, Denise Waterbury

Riding's Satyr Neominois ridingsii (click to enlarge)

This year spring/summer seemed to be delayed by the cool, wet June weather, with fresh individuals and some summer species not out yet. Numbers were low, but the diversity seemed fairly high (16 species seen). We also saw some Sheep Moths (Hemileuca sp.) and another Arctiidae in Campito Meadow. One of our counters (Derham Giuliani) has decided to visit Campito Meadow fairly frequently so as to make a comprehensive species list.

Insect Survey: We have not yet sorted or identified the sweep and vacuum samples from 2009.

A serious bunch: Jeff, Denise, Jutta, Derham, Stuart (back row l to r), John and Daniel (front row)

Vacuuming a sample on the Barcroft plateau.  Photo: Lance Iversen, San Francisco Chronicle. (click to enlarge)

Mating Milkweed Bugs (Lygaeus kalmii) at Barcroft.