Seventh Annual White Mountain Butterfly Count, 2011

The seventh annual "4th of July" White Mountain Butterfly count will be held on Tuesday July 26, 2011. We will meet at Crooked Creek at 7:30 am on that day. Contact John Smiley (jsmiley [at] ucsd [dot] edu) if you want to participate.

We are sad to note the unexpected death of our senior count leader Derham Giuliani. I hope we can keep the count going without his energy and enthusiasm! See news article for more on Derham and his amazing life!

2011 counters:

We had excellent weather for the 2011 count, sunny all day, 50-60 degrees F. As is becoming usual, we saw huge numbers of blues at the 13,000' elevation "NASA flats" site, esp. Shasta Blues. Spring was unusually delayed this year, so there were a lot of fresh adults. New species for the count included Grey Hairstreaks, Pygmy Blues, and a Buckeye. Jerry Powell carefully captured some Hesperia skippers and sent them off to Hesperia expert Andy Warren, who ID'ed Hesperia uncas macswaini and H. comma colorado and H. juba, and made us very wary of field ID'ing these species.