2004 Physiological Ecology Meeting

White Mountain Research Station
Owens Valley Laboratories
Bishp California
June 5-6, 2004


Steven Wickler - Cal Poly Pomona
Welcoming Comments

John Lighton, UNLV
Oxygen guarding in termites: Hygric, chthonic, hypoxic, and now symbiotic?

Johnnie Anderson, UC Irvine
Responses to oxygen shortage in toads

Greg Russell, UC Riverside
Development at High Altitude in Deer Mice

Catherine Chmura, UC Riverside
The effects of caloric restriction and acute hypoxia on the deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus

Jason Podrobsky, Portland State
Cardiac physiology, during anoxia in embryos of the annual killifish Austrofundulus limnaeus

Al Bennett, UC Irvine
Thermoregulation in African Chameleons

Tim Watkins, Macalester College
Sunny Side Up: Egg Incubation Temperature and Swimming Performance of Wood Frog Tadpoles

Frank van Breukelen, UNLV
Hibernators and something Dutch

Amanda Szucsik, UC Irvine
The Effects of Chronic Activity on MHC Isoform Expression in Varanus exanthematicus.

Steven Wickler, Cal Poly Pomona
The energetic and kinematic consequence of distal limb weighting

Susie Huber/ Abbie Ferris, Cal Poly Pomona
The ups and downs of jumping in the horse

Mark Chappel, UC Riverside
Energetics of voluntary versus forced running in deer mice

Suzy Munns, UC Irvine
Venous Return in reptiles - - the next exciting installment

Eric Britt, UC Irvine
Digestion in Garter snakes - - are dietary specialists getting more from a slug?

Mason Dean, UC Irvine
Brick by Brick: Propagation of calcification in elasmobranchs

Melissa Albers, UC Irvine
Salinity tolerance of mosquito larvaae withing the Ochderotatus genus

Pablo Schilman, UC San Diego
Invasion success linked to physiological constraints of the Argentine ant

Suzy Munns, UC Irvine
Venous Return in Reptiles: The Next Exciting Installment

Kudos go to Donna and the staff for their support and attention to the attendees. Joe Szewczak organized even while juggling his new job and his research project. Again, thanks to all.