OVL Meteorological Data

The Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District (GBUAPCD) owns and maintains a meteorological station at the WMRC Owens Valley Labs 4 miles east of Bishop, California. The primary purpose of the station is to monitor dust (PM-10 particulate matter), but general meteorological data (air temperature, relative humidity, windspeed, wind direction) are recorded as well. The on-line map shows the GBUAPCD station sites in the region.

Current data from this station are available at http://www.gbuapcd.org/data/wmrsovl/link and archived data at http://www.gbuapcd.org/data/wmrsovl/archive/?C=M;O=D. The OVL met station is located about 200' (60m) southeast of the shop at OVL, on the east edge of the area of the station grounds reserved for instrumentation. The instrument cluster is located about 30' (9m) above the valley floor.

Weather station showing Mt. Humphreys, Basin Mt. and Mt. Tom in the background. 1-10-07

List of sensors:

wind gust speed
wind direction
air temperature
relative humidity
PM-10 particulate matter (dust)

Data from the OVL GBUAPCD weather station is available in two formats:

  1. Excel files
  2. TEXT&TABS and CSV are standard formats for use in spreadsheets such as excel and can be downloaded directly below

4-07-06 to 12-05-06