Sierra Willow Beetle Project ftp site.

This site contains raw data files from 10 years of temperature data collected inside willow canopies in several eastern Sierra drainages at approximately 40 sites total. It also contains data from 11 weather stations located in three drainages and at multiple altitudes since 2010.

To access the data you will need:

The files are named according to the site names, which are listed in the beetle site info excel file and the beetle project sites.kmz (Google Earth) file

In most cases there are 2-3 files generated for each site, each year:

These are variously labelled over the years, but usually they can be easily identified.
In some cases the files include a full years' data.

**using filezilla as an example:

In filezilla, start a new ftp site.
In the box, type the name of the host:
Then type the user: weatherbeetle
Type the password (see above) and push enter

That should get you in.