The History of Water: Eastern Sierra Nevada, Owens Valley, White-Inyo Mountains

WMRS Symposium Volume 4:
The History of Water: Eastern Sierra Nevada, Owens Valley, White-Inyo Mountains

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Clarence A. Hall, Jr. Stability and Permanence

Marc Reisner High-rise Urban Shrimp Fishing

1.1 Philip W. Signor Evolutionary and Tectonic Implications of Early Cambrian Faunal Endemism 1
1.2 Rex Alan Hanger Fauna of the Lower Ordovician Al Rose Formation, Mazourka Canyon, Inyo County, California 14

2.1 Andrew J. Bach, Ronald I. Dorn, Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk, and Fred M. Phillips Glacial Avulsion in Pleistocene Moraine Complexes of the East-central Sierra Nevada, California 17
2.2 Nicholas Pinter and Edward A . Keller Quaternary Tectonic and Topographic Evolution of the Northern Owens Valley 32

3.1 Peter E. Wigand and Cheryl L. Nowak Dynamics of Northwest Nevada Plant Communities During the Last 30,000 Years 40
3.2 Thomas E. Gill and Thomas A. Cahill Playa-generated Dust Storms from Owens Lake 63
3.3 Richard Kattelman Historic Floods in the Eastern Sierra Nevada 74

4.1 Richard E. MacMillen Water Economies of Seed-eating Mammals and Birds 87
4.2 Vernon C. Bleich History of Wildlife Water Development, Inyo County, California 100
4.3 Robert S. Jellison, Gayle L. Dana, and John M. Melack Ecosystem Responses to Changes in Freshwater Inflow to Mono Lake, California 107
4.4 NancyA.Erman Factors Determining Biodiversity in Sierra Nevada Cold Spring Systems 119
4.5 David P. Groeneveld Owens Valley, California, Plant Ecology: Effects from Export Groundwater Pumping and Measures to Conserve the Local Environment 128
4.6 Sara J. Manning Describing and Managing Owens Valley Vegetation According to Water Use 156
4.7 Dennis C. Odion, Ragan M. Callaway, Wayne R. F err en, Jr., and Frank W. Davis Vegetation of Fish Slough, an Owens Valley Wetland Ecosystem 171
4.8 David B. Herbst Changing Lake Level and Salinity at Mono Lake: Habitat Conservation Problems for the Benthic Alkali Fly 198
4.9 Robert Holler, Wayne R. Ferren, Jr., Ragan M. Callaway, Dennis C. Odion, and Frank W. Davis A Phytogeographic Comparison of the Vascular Flora of the Wetlands of Fish Slough with the Floras of Neighboring Desert Basins 211
4.10 Mary DeDecker The Death of a Spring 223
4.11 John D. Wehausen The Role of Precipitation and Temperature in the Winter Range: Diet Quality of Mountain Sheep of the Mount Baxter Herd, Sierra Nevada 227

5.1 Michael F. Diggles Stream Sediments as Indicators of Undiscovered Mineral Resources, White Mountains, California 239
5.2 Linda A. Reynolds Prehistoric Rock Art Associations with Water Sources and Wetlands and Implications for Land Use 255
5.3 David E. Babb History of Early Water Diversions and their Impact on Owens Lake 263
5.4 Peter Vorster The Development and Decline of Agriculture in the Owens Valley. 268
5.5 Emilie Martin Water's Role in Early History of Inyo National Forest. 285

6.1 Edwin Philip Pister Ethics of Eastern Sierra Nevada Water Development 294
6.2 Robert R. Curry Reasserting Riparian Rights the Walker River Case Study 303

7.1 G. Mathias Kondolf Drought-year Observations of Baseflow in Cottonwood Basin, White Mountains, California 314
7.2 G. Mathias Kondolf and Peter Vorster Management Implications of Stream/Groundwater Interactions in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, California 324
7.3 Russ T. Brown Hydrologic Constraints for Water Management in Owens Valley and Mono Basin 339
7.4 Kevin H. Johannesson, Ann S. Maest, and W. Berry Lyons Oxyanian Concentration Mechanisms in Eastern Sierra Nevada Surface Waters 348
7.5 David B. Rogers, Shirley J. Dreiss, and David P. Groeneveld Near-shore Groundwater and Salt-flat Processes at Mono Lake, California 367
7.6 Robert R. Curry Eastern Sierra Nevada Wetland Assessment: Bridgeport Basin Study Site Climatic Change, Irrigation, and Wetland Boundaries 396
7.7 Don C. Erman Historical Background of Long-term Diversion of the Little Truckee River 415
7.8 Nancy A. Erman and Don C. Erman Physical/Chemical Profiles of Sierra Nevada Cold Springs Before and During Drought 428

8.1 Andrew J. Bach, Ronald L Dorn, Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk, and Frederick M. Phillips Paleohydrological and Paleoclimatological Implications of Glacial Moraine Compl 440
8.2 Mark Milliken and Gregg Wilkerson Geology and Geochronology of the Hunter Canyon Landslide 441
8.3 Catherine A. Toft, Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk, and Ginger L. Schmid Development of Late Holocene Sand-dune Ecosystems Rimming Mono Lake: Influence of Hydrologic, Geomorphic, and Biological Interactions 442
8.4 David D. Cudaback Water Vapor and Astronomy at White Mountain 443
8.5 Arthur F. Fischer, III Paleoclimatic Depositional Pulses, Pedologic Development, and Soil Spectral Evolution Implications for the Application of Remote Sensing to Regional Mapping of Geomorphic Surfaces and Paleoclimatic Studies 443
8.6 Dennis Jaques Preliminary Evaluation of Vegetation Changes from 1906 to 1968 to 1981 in the Southern Half of the Owens Valley, California 444
8.7 Margaret Rubega Prey Density, Feeding Rate, and Responses to Changing Water Regime: Phalaropes at Mono Lake 445
8.8 Carla R. Scheidlinger Owens Valley Wetlands: Inventory and Description 445
8.9 Wayne R. Ferren, Jr. and Dennis C. Odion Land and Water-use History of Fish Slough: a Chronology of Selected Events, Observations, and Publications from 1845 to the Present 446
8.10 June B. Mire and Leslie Millet Maternal Size Does Not Determine Egg Number, Egg Size, or Fry Size in Cyprinodon Radiosus 447
8.11 Antonio Rossman The Eastern Sierra Nevada and Owens Valley: Source of California's New Water Law 448
8.12 John Walton Western Times and Water Wars: the State and Popular Movements in the Owens Valley, 1860 to 1990 449
8.13 Nancy Peterson Walter The Owens Valley Indian Reservations, DWP, and the City of Los Angeles: the Land Exchange Act of 1937 449
8.14 Ralph E. Shaffer A "Kinder, Gentler" Los Angeles? The City and Inyo-Mono Water Since 1970 450
8.15 William R. Hutchison Hydrologic Modeling in the Eastern Sierra Nevada 450
8.16 Linda Keating, Joseph Pollini, James Jennings, and Michael Oldham Science for Solutions 451
8.17 Prem K. Saint, Neil J. Maloney and Kwan Ihn Hydrology of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Streams in Relation to Infiltration 452
8.18 Anthony A. Finnerty, Barry Hecht, Irmgard Flaschka, and Michael B. Napolitano Response of Riparian-zone Shallow Groundwater to Water-level Changes in Streams Tributary to Mono Lake