The Natural History of Eastern California and High Altitude Research

University of California White Mountain Research Station
Symposium Volume 3


Title Page, Introduction by Clarence Hall, Director, WMRC, and Scanned Table of Contents

Plant Biology Section

1. Steven A. Jennings and Deborah Elliot-Fisk. Late Pleistocene and Holocene Changes in Plant Community Composition in the White Mountain Region 1

2. James D. Morefield. Geographic Origins of the White Mountain Flora: an Analysis of the White Mountain Floristic Database 18

3. Sara J. Manning. The Relative Effects of Some Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Growth and Productivity of Two Owens Valley Shrubs: Haplopappus cooperi and Chrysothamnus teretifolius. 21

4. Wayne R. Owen. Extrinsic Controls on the Reproductive Output of Astagalus kentrophyta var. implexus (Fabaceae). 35

5. Ann M. Howald. Vegetation and Flora of the Mammoth Mountain Area. 48

6. Ann M Howald. Appendix: A Partial Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Mammoth Mountain Area, Mono and Madera Counties, California. 83

7. Oren Pollack. Morphology and Dynamics in Alpine Populations of Ivesia lycopodioides ssp. scandularis from the White Mountains of California. 97

8. Timothy P. Spira. Population Ecology of Gymnosteris parvula (Polemoniaceae): a leafless Alpine Annual Plant in the White Mountains, California. 117

Animal Biology Section

9. John T. Smiley and Nathan E. Rank. Bitterness of Salix Along the North Fork of Big Pine Creek, Eastern California: Species and Community Elevational Trends. 132

10. Kimberly S. Smiley. Aggregation Benefits in a Willow Leaf Beetle along an Elevational Gradient. 148

11. Nathan E. Rank. Effects of Plant Chemical Variation on a Specialist Herbivore: Willow Leaf Beetles in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. 161

12. Darryl M. Wong. Life History and Management of Paiute Cutthroat Trout in the White Mountains, Mono County, California. 182.

13. David A. Yokel. An Avian Survey of the Fish Slough Area, Inyo and Mono Counties, California. 191

14. Linnea S. Hall, Michael L. Morrison, and John J. Keane. The Distribution of Birds in the White-Inyo Mountains of California: An Update. 203

15. Michael L. Morrison, Martin L. Morton, Linnea S. Hall, Jean L. Harner, and John J. Keane. Population Biology of Small Mammals in Inyo-White Mountains, California. 246

16. John D. Wehausen. Some Potentially Adaptive Characters of Mountain Sheep Populations in the Owens Valley Region. 256

17. Rob Roy Ramey II. Evolutionary Genetics of Mountain Sheep in the Owens Valley Region: Preliminary Results from Proteins and Mitochondrial DNA. 268

18. Russell O. Davis. Semantical Communication in Anti-predator Alarm Calls. 275

19. Russell O. Davis. Appendix: A Significance Test for the Generalized Mahalanobis-squared Distance. 313

Physiology Section

20. Odile Mathieu-Costello. Chronic Altitude Exposure and Muscle Capillarization. 316

21. David C. Poole and Odile Mathieu-Costello. Effects of Altitude and Chronic Exercise on the Gas Exchange Potential of Skeletal Muscle. 325

22. Donald E. Bebout, David Story, Josep Roca, Michael C. Hogan, David C. Poole, Ricardo Gonzales-Cameron, osumo Ueno, Pierre haab, and Peter D. Wagner. Pulmonary Gas Exchange during Exercise Following Altitude Acclimatization. 336

23. Frank L. Powell, Steven C. Hempleman, Gordon S. Mitchell, and Hashim Shams. Ventilatory Acclimatization to High Altitude in Birds. 339

Anthropology/Archaeology Section

24. Robert L. Bettinger. Aboriginal Occupation at Altitude: Alpine Villages in the White Mountains of Eastern California. 341

25. Michael G. Delacorte. Room to Move: Environment, Demography, and Adaptation in the Mono-Inyo Region of Eastern California. 342

Geomorphology/Paleoclimatology Section

26. Alan R. Gillespie. Quaternary Subsidence of Owens Valley, California. 356

27. Alan R. Gillespie. Testing a New Climatic Interpretation for the Tahoe Glaciation. 383

Geology/Paleobiology Section

28. Karen B. Loomis and Clarence A. Hall, Jr. Lithofacies and Paleoenvironments of the Lower-Cambrian Deep Spring Formation, White-Inyo Range, Eastern california. 399 *** Figure 2 fold-out map scanned separately

29. Philip W. Signor. Early Cambrian Biogeography of Western North America. 427

30. Clemens A. Nelson. Possible Landslide Origin of "the Elephant," Deep Springs Valley, California. 448

White Mountain Research Station Symposium Field Trip

31. Jeffrey F. Mount and Philip W. Signor. The Proterizoic-Cambrian Transition of the White-Inyo Range, Eastern California: Dawn of the Metazoa. 455