Plant Biology of Eastern California

Natural History of the White-Inyo Range Symposium Volume 2

Table of Contents:

Preface and Dedication, C.A. Hall

Floristic Habitats of the White Mountains, California and Nevada: A Local Approach to Plant Communities, James D. Morefield 1

Exceptionally Low Seed Set in Dedeckera eurekensis: Is There a Genetic Component of Extinction?
Delbert Wiens, Cedric I. Darvern, and Clyde L. Calvin 19

Compentition for Soil Moisture between two Owens Valley Shrubs: The Roots of the Matter, Sara J. Manning 30

Stem Fluting and its Function in Nevada Saltbrush (Atriplex torreyi), David P. Gornevald 37

Light Dynamics in Nevada Saltbrush (Atriplex torreyi) Canopies, David P. Gornevald 46

Draba (Cruciferae) in the White Mountians, Robert A. Price and Reed C. Rollins 52

Phytogeography of Deciduous Trees in the White Mountains, California-Nevada, Ann M. Peterson and Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk 59

The Single-needle Pinyons – One Taxon or Three? D. K. Bailey 69

Weedy Annuals in the Alpine Zone of the White Mountains, California, Timothy P.Spira and Lisa K. Wagner 92

The Vegetation and Flora of Fish Slough and Vicinity, Inyo and Mono Counties, California Holly C. Forbes, Wayne R. Ferren, Jr., and J. R. Haller 99

Late Quaternary Vegetation Change in the White Mountain Region, Stephen Jennings 139

The Tree Community of the Golden Trout Wilderness, Michael D. Rourke 148

New, Rare, and Geographically Interesting Plants along the Crest of the Southern Sierra Nevada, California, James R. Shevock 161

Naturalized Populations of the Desert Fan Palm, Washingtonia filifera, in Death Valley National Monument, James W. Cornett 167

Phytogeography of Sand Dunes in the great Basin and Mojave Deserts, Bruce M. Pavlik 175

The Story Behind the Story of Eureka Sand Dunes: What Happened When Scientists jumped Down from Their Pedestals into Rough-and-tumble Politics, Genny Smith 195

The Lands and Natural Areas Project: Identifying and Protecting Californias Significant Natural Areas, Marc Hoshovsky 199

Eureka Valley Sand Dunes, Robert M. Norris 207

The Dendrochronological Potential of East-central California, Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk and A. Diane Ryerson 212

A Sensitive Plant-monitoring Study on the Eureka Dunes, Inyo County, California, Mark Bagley 223

Some Preliminary Observations on Hawkmoth Pollination of Oenothera caespitosa and Mirabilis multiflora, Scott A. Hodges 244

Does Previous Defoliation Affect Ovipositional Choice of the Western Tent Caterpillar? William P. Weaver 250

Plant Communities as the Nutrient Base of Mountain Sheep Populations, John D. Wehausen and Michael C. Hansen 256

Differences in Successional Vegetation of a sagebrush Community Following Wildfire On Two Diverse Substrates, Roy A. Woodward and Susan L. Ustin 269

Cattle Grazing in Southeastern Sierran Meadows; Ecosystem Change and Prospects for Recovery,
Dennis C. Odion, Tom L. Dudley and Carla M. D’Antonio 277

Vegetation Patterns Derived from Landsat Thematic Mapper Images in Owens Valley,
Susan L. Ustin, Milton O. Smith, and John B. Adams 293

C. A. Purpus: His Collection Trips in the Sierra Nevada and Owens Valley, California, Barbara Ertter 303

Appendix: Vascular Flora of the White Mountains of California and Nevada: A Updated, Synonymized Working Checklist, James D. Morefield, Dean Wm. Taylor, and Mary DeDecker 310