Kimberly Ogden

For my project I worked in Devil's Postpile National Monument collecting bugs. The National Park Service is interested in finding an indicator group in order to efficiently measure the ecological health of various meadows in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. In addition, the National Park Service in interested in the basic community structure and movement patterns of invertebrates in meadows since very little is known about montane meadows in general. The primary objective of my study was to determine if trails through the heavily visited meadows in Devil's Postpile National Monument, CA are having a measurable effect on the meadow fauna as well as collecting community structure data for invertebrates in the meadow using pitfall traps. No significant affects on meadow invertebrates could be linked specifically to trails through Soda Springs Meadow. However, the results seemed to suggest a correlation between vegetation type and community structure. There is a need to do further studies in these heavily used montane meadows.
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