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  Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls (Yes, there really is a rainbow)

Soda Springs Meadow
Soda Springs Meadow
(I worked here all summer)

Kimberly Ogden

Hi I'm Kim! I came to the Eastern Sierra from Upstate New York. I am a biology major there at Clarkson University. I plan on going to graduate school in some form of ecology. I love field work and the Sierras were a great place to do it. I have a cute little cat that I unfortunatley had to leave at home for the summer. I also have two mice that could probably be in a record book for living so long. I like cooking and making greasy pancakes when backpacking. I also like wearing my pajamas all day long, especially when frequenting the Vons supermarket. I think that habit might have rubbed off on the other REU students. I'd like to thank the Veggie REUs for teaching me about tofu and lentils, Tad for eating 'cookies' with me :-), Greg for making me feel shorter than I already am and giving me the best sticker ever, Gina for being so geeky as to initiate the geek-of-the-week program, Kate for warning me about the danger of wearing yellow nail polish in Puerto Rico, Leah for making such an arousing presentation, Corie for the late night 'races', Autumn for explaing to me the importance of fractal galaxies of electrolytes and buffalo and Kallin for being the most normal of us all.

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