REU: Leah Card  

Hi! My name is Leah Card. I am a junior at Hendrix College in Conway, AR. I grew up in the Ozark Mountain region near the Buffalo River in Northwest Arkansas. I am majoring in biology at Hendrix. I plan to attend graduate school after I graduate. I am interested in many areas of biology: ecology, animal behavior, evolution, etc. I hope that my work will involve working with animals. I would love for my research to help in conservation because I feel that the environment (and species within) are very important.

I have always loved the outdoors. I have spent many years camping and hiking with my family: my two sisters, Robin and Teri, and my parents, Kathy and Shannon. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to come and research in this area of California. WMRS is in the perfect position: access to the Eastern Sierras and the White-Inyo Mountains. I loved living up at Barcroft Station in the White's. In my spare time I was able to hike around the region: White Mt. Peak, Sheep Mt., Piute Mt., Cottonwood basin, etc. I liked seeing the various wildlife in this area: Bighorn sheep, marmots, picas, golden eagles, the Sage Grouse, and of course, the golden-mantled ground squirrel.

I feel that I have learned a lot this summer. I have learned how to track animals using radiotelemetry and how to use GPS. I enjoyed meeting the many researchers who stayed at the Barcroft station. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about other studies in many different scientific fields: botany, physiology, cosmology, etc.

I am thankful to the National Science Foundation for their generous contribution to this program. I am also very grateful for having the opportunity to work with Dr. Craig Frank. Lastly I am grateful for the staff at all of the WMRS stations and my fellow REU Interns for helping make my summer even more enjoyable.

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