Goes to the tune of Lola.........

U.C.D. Summer 2003

I wound up in the Inyos in the summer time
With blistering sun, feet and too little wine

We're not the world's most oblivious class
But when we first saw Poleta we nearly s##t in our pants

Well, I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Why these rocks snake and bend like rubber bands

I've been out mapping but I ain't never seen a
Place with so much cleavage as the sea of green

Hiking on the carbonates is hard on my feet
And there aren't any shade trees to escape from the heat

I spent two days mapping Van Goghs ear
If I don't get it right I have to come back next year

Well I left home just a week before
And I had never worn a dress or brassiere before
Santa Barbara girls smiled as I passed
Hey nice legs cant wait to see your ass

Well, I asked my TA's for a couple of hints
I was starting to cry, Meltdown was immanent

He told me not to cry, "Let me see your map"
I stole a glimpse of his, and it looked like crap,


We finally get back to drink on the deck
But the biting little bastards wont leave our necks
The maps are done and we passed the test
The keg is tapped and we're getting wrecked

Some students cried and some students laughed
Some students walked away with blood on their maps