Community Outreach

The White Mountain Research Center is committed to serving the local and regional communities to the extent possible, given our primary mission of supporting research and university-level teaching.


Each winter season, WMRC hosts a  lecture series open to the public at the Owens Valley Station located in Bishop, California.  Talks are held on specified Tuesday evenings from 7:00PM – 8:30PM. For a list of talks see:  WMRC Public Lecture Series


WMRC will hold OPEN GATE DAY on SUNDAY, AUGUST 4, 2019.

See attached flyer for more info

The gate will open at approximately 6:30 AM and close at about 7:30 PM. See Flyer for more info. Hikers will be allowed to park at the Barcroft Station and hike from there to the summit of White Mountain Peak. Portable toilets will be available outside the station for public use. The Barcroft Station WILL NOT be opened to the public on these days. We ask that you do not disturb the station staff or researchers and please follow any parking restrictions.

* NOTE: The Barcroft Station is located at 12,500 feet elevation. Discomfort and altitude sickness can happen to anyone regardless of age or physical condition. If you question your reaction to high-altitude environments, please consult your physician before attempting to drive to the Barcroft Station to climb White Mountain Peak.

* Please call or e-mail ahead to find out what the road conditions are like this year.

* Weather can change at any time without warning, bringing dangerous thunderstorms and snow accumulation. Please be observant of this and prepared for your own safety.

<FOR MORE INFO CALL 760-873-4344 or E-MAIL