Owens Valley Station

Owens Valley Station office
Owens Valley Station main office.

Geolocation: 37°21’38”N / 118°19’36”W
Elevation: 1252m (4108’)

The Owens Valley Station is our headquarters and is open year round.

We are located 6 km (4 miles) east of Bishop in Owens Valley at 1250m elevation (4108’).

The Owens Valley station (OVS) is under-utilized in the early spring, late fall and winter seasons. Spring, summer and early fall are generally booked early, although some openings in August are usually available.

OVS can sleep up to 45 people and offers groups year-round housing in air conditioned and heated dorms with separate rooms for faculty. There is an industrial kitchen with dining-room seating for 45 people.

The Owens Valley Station has two classrooms, a small laboratory, full-size greenhouse, wireless internet and computer lab, and a small library. In addition there is a volleyball court, basketball hoop, outdoor campfire pit and large grassy area for outdoor recreation.

Owens Valley Station Accommodations Map

Group of people listening to a public lecture
The south classroom at the Owens Valley Station is our largest meeting room, and, when set up without tables can seat about 80 people. This is where our public lectures and seminars are held. Digital projector, TV/VCR, internet, and overhead projector are available.