How to Apply

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The WMRC mission is to support research and teaching in the region.

However, there are limitations on how the station may be used. We do not accept applications for personal or recreational use. We do not provide employee housing to outside agencies. You must provide a project summary and have active institutional support.

Applicants should carefully review our ratesrules & regulations, advisory notices and WMRC open data sharing policy, which requires researchers to register their project’s metadata, before deciding to apply. Lab users should review the lab safety instruction.

Before you apply

Please note that WMRC accommodations include single bunk beds only, and that linens are NOT provided. No blankets are provided (most people bring sleeping bags). Guests are responsible for dorm and bathroom cleaning, and are required to clean up at the end of each visit. Dining room users are required to keep the kitchen and dining area clean, as well.

Applying to use WMRC facilities

There are three steps in the WMRC application process

1) Contact our Scheduling Coordinator, Gaylene Kinzy (telephone: 760-873-4344 ext. 21 or email: to discuss details of your visit and proposed dates.

2) After talking to the Scheduling Coordinator, fill out the on-line application form. You will be asked to provide your name, contact information, institutional affiliation and a password. After logging in, choose the appropriate form: Research, University or College Class, or Public (for workshops, retreats, etc.).

Note: Returning users must fill out a new application each year.

3) After filling out the on-line application, fill out an on-line reservation request. This is where arrival/departure dates, numbers of people, assets to be used (lodging only, room and board, classroom use, etc…) are entered.

Please remember the password used to make the original application. It will be needed if it is necessary to re-open the application form to make changes. If you lose your password or have other difficulties, please contact the WMRC office by phone (760-873-4344) or e-mail the scheduling coordinator.

Approval of Applications

WMRC staff review application forms and associated information. If everything is in order and there are no conflicts, applications will be approved. Applicants will be notified by as soon as decisions have been made.

Please note that researchers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, and applications will not be approved until these are obtained (see research permit page for more information). The permitting process may take 6 months or more, so please plan ahead!

Before you come to WMRC

The Scheduling Coordinator will email you the necessary forms and documents prior to your scheduled arrival. Note that liability waiver forms must be filled out for each member of your group before your arrival at WMRC, and that minors under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian signature. Email the Scheduling Coordinator 7 days before your arrival a group rooster that includes dietary restrictions/allergies and gender breakdown (especially if students want gendered housing).

Please call or email the Scheduling Coordinator a few days in advance of your visit to reconfirm times, dates, and numbers in your group. If you have not done so already, please also review the WMRC Station Policy. These policies have been developed so that we can best carry out our mission of supporting research and instruction.

If our facilities are full or do not meet your needs, UCSB SNARL or Bernasconi Ranch-Sierra Adventure Center may be a suitable alternative.