White Mountain Peak

White Mountain Research Center

We support research and teaching in the White-Inyo mountains, the Owens Valley, the eastern Sierra Nevada, and surrounding areas. The White Mountain Research Center operates three field stations to support college-level instruction and research throughout the entire region.


UPDATED 09/29/22: UC WMRC COVID-19 Requirements

Beginning Jan 31st, 2022 all users will be required to receive a booster shot if eligible (“up to date’). All staff, and anyone staying at WMRC facilities also need to adhere to masking and testing guidelines.


We have three stations and a summit hut.


We setup live webcams to WMRC stations.

Barcroft webcam

Crooked Creek webcam


Research Logistics at White Mountain Research Center


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Hetch Hetchy gushes over wetlands

Dams are controversial among environmentalists, providing water and clean energy—but destroying and fragmenting habitat.

We have over 60 years of scientific advancement.