Message from the Director

Thank you for your interest in the UC White Mountain Research Center (WMRC) – and welcome to our new website! 

Glen MacDonald — Director, WMRC

This past year has been a challenge for everyone, including the WMRC.  In 2020, we were completely closed to visitors for the early part of the pandemic. Working with UCLA Environmental Health Safety we eventually were able to establish strict protocols outlined in our COVID-19 Playbook that allowed for the safe use of our Owens Valley facilities by small groups conducting essential research or education.  This year, knowledge about COVID-19 had increased, the pandemic numbers at UCLA and our local communities have decreased, and vaccines have become available.  We have been able to revise our COVID-19 Playbook accordingly. I am happy to say that not only will we be expanding reservation numbers for essential research and adult education at Owens Valley, but will also begin operations at our upper-elevation Crooked Creek and Barcroft facilities in June 2021.

For your safety, the safety of WMRC staff, and the safety of our local communities, there will be strict protocols in place and visitor numbers will not likely be as large as usual. There will be no linen service – so bring your own sleeping bags, pillows and towels.  At this time we will also not be offering meal services.  So, you will need to bring your own food and water, or utilize local resources in Bishop. We will have kitchen facilities available for booking, but you should enquire regarding this. Please read over the revised WMRC COVID-19 Playbook and contact WMRC about your specific plans and needs to make sure we can meet them.

The important thing is that WMRC is on the road back to supporting you in your exciting research and educational activities in one of the most remarkable places on Earth.  We look forward to seeing our old friends again, and to making new friends of first-time visitors.

Glen MacDonald — Director