Black Holes, White Gold: A Floristic Inventory of the Silver Peak Range, Esmeralda County, NV



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Grad student Peri Lee Pipkin discusses her first season in the Silver Peak Range, where she is collecting a floristic inventory.

With Peri Lee Pipkin, Master’s Student, Claremont University and Cal Botanic Garden. 2022 WMRC Mini Grant and 2022 Decker Botanical Grant, CNPS Bristlecone Chapter.

Peri Lee is conducting a floristic inventory of the Silver Peak mountains in Esmeralda County, Nevada. These desert mountains are arid yet full of incredible biodiversity, and range from valleys of alkali wetlands, cactus flats to red rock canyons, and peaks bearing lupines and bristlecone pines. There are also several springs, alkali wetlands, streams, and ponds that support riparian areas, and the range is also one of the northwestern most extents of the Western Joshua Trees. There are several species of interest in the area, including the endemic and endangered Tiehm’s buckwheat, and the rare plant Tecopa Bird’s Beak. In addition to this floristic inventory, Peri Lee is also writing a conservation plan in order to preserve the threatened population of Tecopa’s Bird’s Beak that occurs in the alkali wetlands. This work is especially urgent as this landscape that supports so many unique species also faces pressures from climate change. 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. PT. Registration required via Zoom. This talk will be recorded. FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

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