“Ingestion of SLAB51 probiotic improves oxygen saturation during acclimatization to high altitude at Barcroft Station.”


Owens Valley Station

with James Yu (pictured), UC San Diego Biomedical Sciences. Thursday, March 21st 2024. 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. PST In-person. Owens Valley Station, 3000 E. Line St., Bishop, CA. James is a 2023 WMRC Mini Grant recipient and PhD student in the Dr. Simonson lab at UCSD.

Abstract: When humans ascend to high altitude and encounter less available oxygen in every breath, they can face multiple physiological difficulties such as altitude illness, disrupted sleep, and headaches. Despite these potential downsides, millions of humans either travel to or reside at high altitude all around the world, creating a need for non-invasive interventions to improve acclimatization to high altitude. We tested whether ingestion of the probiotic SLAB51 would have a positive effect on acclimatization to high altitude by transporting a sea-level population in San Diego, California to the White Mountain Research Center’s Barcroft Station (12,470 ft) and conducting multiple physiological measurements over a course of up to 4 days. Those that received the probiotic had a higher oxygen saturation during the day and during sleep than those that received a placebo. In addition, other measurements indicate that those that received the probiotic better acclimatized to high altitude than those that received the placebo.

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