2014 Events at WMRC

NEW for 2014 - OPEN HOUSE at the CROOKED CREEK STATION will be held on Sunday, August 17, 2014 from 10 AM – 4 PM. View flyer for more information.

BARCROFT STATION: OPEN GATE DAYS - Open Gate days will be held on Sunday, July 27 and Sunday, August 31. The gate will open at approximately 6:30 AM and close at about 7:30 PM. View flyer for more information. Hikers wishing to climb White Mountain Peak will be allowed to drive beyond the locked gate and park at Barcroft Station to begin their hike.

White Mountain Research Center Newsletter

The University of California White Mountain Research Center welcomes you to our first Newsletter. This edition features a recent project, describes our field stations, and highlights the rich environment and history of the region. We hope this newsletter will inspire new research scientists, field classes, workshops and conferences to join us at the WMRC.

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In Memoriam Hal Klieforth

Hal Klieforth

We mourn the passing of meteorologist Hal Klieforth, a longtime friend of WMRS/WMRC. After graduating from UCLA Hal came to Bishop for the Sierra Wave project in 1951. When not soaring high above Owens Valley on record-setting glider flights, he befriended WMRS staff who had just constructed Barcroft Station. Hal thus had the distinction of having been one of the earliest visitors to Barcroft, having dined there just before its temporary abandonment during the winter of 1951-52.

He maintained his interest in WMRS throughout his life, and was honored at the 2008 WMRS CEREC Conference, along with his friend Derham Giuliani, for contributions to science and natural history of the Eastern Sierra. His knowledge, energy, and unfailing courtesy will be missed.

Hal Klieforth’s professional contributions to atmospheric science and soaring: www.ssa.org/FinalGlide

Crooked Creek Station is going off grid!

WMRC staff recently installed 12 solar panels on the roof of Crooked Creek Station along with the necessary inverters to convert the solar energy. More panels will be installed early next spring allowing Crooked Creek Station to operate off grid.

This field station is located in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest at an elevation of 10,200’ in the White Mountains. It is an ideal facility in which to teach field classes, conduct research, and to hold workshops and retreats. Crooked Creek Station offers meals and accomodations for up to 45 people. There is high speed internet access, four dry lab spaces and a classroom. The station is open from about June 1 to about October 31.

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