A closer look:The founding and early history of White Mountain Research Station



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Former WMRC staff & historian Daniel Pritchett discusses the early history and formation of Barcroft Station.

Presented by Daniel Pritchett, former WMRC staff & historian

The broad outlines of the history of White Mountain Research Station (WMRS) were documented by WMRS founder Nello Pace in 1975, and again in 1994 by Pace and Clarence Hall. Detailed study of archival records and the receipt, in 2018, of William Consolazio’s autobiography justify re-visiting the founding and early history of the station. Consolazio’s critical role has not been given the recognition it deserves. When first established, the success of WMRS was not at all certain and the “irregular” circumstances regarding its founding affected the station for years. Time listed is in PST. This talk will be recorded, a link will later be posted.

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