“The Bigger Picture: How Rock Art fit into the Lives of the People who made it”



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25 years of rock art research focusing on North America & Australia

David Lee, co-founder of WRAR & former WMRC Research Staff

This lecture combines vivid photographs of rock art, people, animals, and exotic landscapes with insights gained over twenty-five years of researching and documenting rock art in western North America and ten field seasons documenting Aboriginal rock art and associated traditional knowledge with the Wardaman people of northern Australia. This work has resulted in the documentation of 160 art sites, with a complete video-narration at 49 of them of the traditional knowledge of Senior Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney. Reports for 12 of them have been transcribed and completed, along with narrated maps of nearly 100 springs and over other 200 sacred sites. All of this information is currently being used to help manage these sites and this country as the Wardaman Indigenous Protected Area. Researchers from the University of Western Australia and the Monash University are also using this data in regional comparison studies.

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